Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that alters the nose’s shape and size in order give it a more pleasant appearance and to be proportional to the rest of the face.

The objective may be to shorten a nose that is too large, to narrow a nose that is too wide, to align a deviated nose, to eliminate bumps that are unaesthetic, to reshape the tip of the nose or to improve the angle between the nose and the upper lip in order to achieve a more pleasant appearance.

Rhinoplasty can improve nasal breathing when there is an obstruction that makes breathing difficult or leads to sinusitis, and it can be performed simultaneously with a nasal septum correction.

Rhinoplasty may enhance self-confidence when an unpleasant feature is eliminated.
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Plastic Nose Surgery - Rhinoplasty

Surgery that aims to improve the aesthetics of the nose or correct deformities

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